Multidisciplinary and integrated performance

Consultancy and
technical assistance

Specialization in Urbanism, Construction, Energy,
Water and Agriculture activity areas.

  • Support to public and private entities, creating new structures or optimizing existing ones, improving processes, developing strategies.
  • Training and strengthening technical and human skills to ensure quality, success and progress of implemented programs.

Coordination and
supervision of works

Specialization and performance in Architecture and
Construction Engineering activity areas.

  • Project Management
  • Preparing and evaluation of construction tenders
  • Design project and terms of reference
  • Site Supervision (Special Foundations, Concrete Structures, Electricity, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Roadways, Infrastructures)
  • Safety and Health Coordination
  • Environmental Coordination in Construction


Technology is crucial for optimizing companies operational processes,
focused on efficiency and risk management.

  • Engineering project management software
  • Contract management software
  • Construction Supervision software
  • Operation and maintenance system management software


The success of your decisions is related to the
quality of the information you have.

  • Technical and financial audit of construction works for financing or investment purposes
  • Quality inspection of works, checking terms and aims defined in construction contract
  • Tasks of Technical expertise of construction pathologies and specification of suitable corrections. (Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Infrastructures)

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